Music in the Moment: A Mystical Sound Journey

A musical journey created in the moment. These journeys are woven together by the magic of our interconnectedness as souls, and the vibrations that the presence of each individual soul gives birth to— including the magical synergy of soul songs intertwining into a story. Intimate soul songs channel forth from individuals, soul groups, and the collective, as well as alchemical sonic vibrations from higher dimensional realms. Kiara Ra is a vessel in which such vibrations, songs, and healing channels forth. The music is channelled with her voice, classical guitar, crystal singing bowls, shruti box, Indian harp, piano, and various shamanic percussion. She channels forth transmissions of energy that give way to the refinement within one’s consciousness. Like waterfalls of light, the frequencies of higher dimensional expressions harmoniously flow forth. Within this space, there is room for an expanded interpretation of one’s present state of being and one’s life experiences. The channelled music has much potential to guide us deeper into states of inner peace, balance, clarity, relaxation, energetic harmony, heightened intuition, happiness, surrender, love, and self-love. These transmissions may help to reduce stress and anxiety while promoting clarity, joy, and a sense of lightness. The energy channelled is also intended to help move and release old stuck energy, trauma, and sickness. Releasing and processing such energy will create a more harmonious and healthy self on all levels including our physical, emotional, energetic and mental bodies. One may leave feeling rejuvenated, connected, focused, and more in alignment with one’s preferred life flow.

Where in Victoria Park? The Cultural Pavilion (6 Victoria Park Driveway S). Look for the Canadian flag!

Please bring: A yoga mat, water, a blanket, and/or an eye cover

Rain location: Inside the Victoria Park Pavilion

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Kiara Ra


Kiara Ra is a channel of lyrical Soul Songs, Sound Healer, Musician, and Songwriter. The sonic vibrations channeled forth come directly from the souls of those present at an event, offering, or ceremony. As a conduit of sonic healing energy and soul activation, she comes into harmony with the group and/or individual present, channelling forth angelic, shamanic, mystical, and transformative vibrations of music, song and sound healing for those present.


Saturday, June 24


6:30 pm ( 90 Min )


Victoria Park Pavilion


6 Victoria Pk Drwy S, Charlottetown



Registration Closed