Human Design 3: Uncover Your Soul’s Magnetism

Human Design Guide, Steff Sullivan, will be leading us through an exploration of the soul in the context of Human Design, a synthesis system of various sciences and ancient principles from Western Astrology, Chinese I Ching, Indian Chakras & Judaic Kabbalah. Using your birth date, time, and location your “BodyGraph” (aka your chart) can be generated, which provides you with a unique energetic blueprint. This can help you understand ways in which you are designed to move through life, make decisions, experience other humans, care for yourself & more. It is recommended to have some prior Human Design knowledge (or have attended the Intro to Human Design Workshop Friday, June 23rd) before attending this workshop as we will be exploring deeper layers of the chart. This specialized workshop is sure to light you up! We will be focusing on one of the nine energy centres of the BodyGraph called the G-Centre (aka the Identity Centre). In this powerful area we hold the energy for our soul, our identity, our direction/purpose and the love of self and others. We will explore this area in depth, its gates (or personality traits) that reside here to help you uncover how you can find more love for yourself, understand your purpose and increase your magnetism. Through this learning, you can begin to align yourself to your soul’s desires and gifts.

Prior to this experience, please generate your Human Design chart via this link. You will be required to enter your birth information, as exact as possible – for this workshop specifically, exact birth time is important! Please bring a copy (digital or printed) of your chart & a journal and pen. All attendees will receive supportive affirmations, tools and reflective prompts to honour the energy in this area of the chart.

For any questions or concerns, please email Steff at for assistance.

Location – rain or shine: Beaconsfield Carriage House (next door to Beaconsfield Historic House)

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Steff Sullivan

Intuitive Movement Practitioner & Human Design Guide

Steff Sullivan (she/her), founder of Steff Sullivan Collective, blends her experience as a women's health nurse, various movement certifications and her own spiritual curiosity into a deep rooted passion for self-care and mental wellbeing. She is trained in Human Design, and uses it to support humans in understanding their unique energy blueprint and how to care for themselves in a holistic and sustainable way. Steff strongly values community and enjoys creating experiences that bring humans together to share, support & connect to each other through. Through her brand, she offers movement classes, self-care workshops, one-on-one services, group programs and wellness retreats - both virtually and locally on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Most recently, Steff launched a product line to showcase the 5 Human Design Energy Types - beautifully designed & printed on PEI crewneck sweatshirts to remind you to embrace our uniqueness, based on your birth chart. Learn more about Steff or her current offerings here:


Sunday, June 25


11:00 am ( 120 Min )


Beaconsfield Historic House


2 Kent St, Charlottetown