Ecstatic Dance & Cacao

An opportunity to enliven, awaken, and expand. Ecstatic Dance is a free flow movement class that provides a safe and comfortable environment for you to dance and express yourself. Katlin will provide a sonic soundscape that ebbs and flows through downtempo, world beats, electronic, and atmospheric music which is intended to allow you to journey through feelings and expressions in the body, mind and spirit. Cacao is offered prior to dance as a beautiful opening ritual that allows a heart-opening experience.

All ages and experience levels are welcome! Space is limited so be sure to book early.

Please bring: A bottle of water and wear something you feel wonderful in!

Location: Charlottetown Yacht Club (outdoors – will move indoors if weather is unfavourable)


Katlin Doyle


Katlin Doyle lives her life in devotion to the sacred in all things. She has a background in a myriad of fields which she weaves into her daily life and offerings- cacao, yoga & meditation, ritual, women’s teachings, music, and now ecstatic dance. A lifelong student of the earth, of cycles, and beauty. Out of her love of cacao, Katlin created her business in 2014, Nurturing Essence- sharing ethical and healthy chocolate and cacao creations. Alongside Katlin's chocolate offerings she has been devoted to working with hundreds of people through ritual and circle helping to guide them in reclaiming self-love, inner healing, and soul connection.


Saturday, June 24


9:00 pm ( 60 Min )


Charlottetown Yacht Club


1 Pownal St, Charlottetown